New Carver Apartments

View of the central courtyard.

The ground floor is topped by a wood and steel carousel of five residential stories. The buildings serrations increase in depth as they move counter clockwise around the buildingthe shallowest being to the immediate left of the ground-floor entry and the deepest to the right.

Maltzan's New Carver Apartments

A community room opens onto the louvered central courtyard. Painted yellow to identify it as a public space and set it apart from the surrounding units, the room provides space for residents to relax, watch television, and take part in group activities. Next door is a laundry center that serves the entire complex.

The entry lobby sets the stage for the materials palette used throughout the building: concrete floors, white walls with yellow accents, and ceiling-mounted linear light fixtures.

Where possible, circulation stairs are open to the outdoors, providing views out for the residents and peeks in for passers-by.

On the top floor is an open-air lounge accessible to all residents. One of the goals of the New Carver Apartments design was to create a supportive space for the residents, many of whom are older adults with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Open lounges promote social interaction and help bring the formerly homeless residents out of isolation.

All of the building's 95 residential units open onto a circular central courtyard. Bent galvanized metal fins stretch up to the roof, and a set of concrete stairs has seating-height risers, allowing the space to be used for casual gatherings or community meetings.

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