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EXTENDO 4-door system. All doors move synchronously, activated by the lead door.

EXTENDO, 4-door configuration with corner opening creates new spaces within existing ones.

EXTENDO’s open, airy appearance still enables privacy for conferences and meetings.

Successive EXTENDO glass door systems bring more continuity to corridors.

Room-through-room visibility and audio privacy, achieved beautifully by EXTENDO.

EXTENDO creates added depth and dimension while showcasing a room’s natural light.

EXTENDO 2-door configuration, fully opened.

Separation and sophistication, made possible by EXTENDO sliding glass door systems.

Wide uninterrupted 2-door opening enhances seamless interior design.

EXTENDO glass works to bring visual symmetry to bath, sleeping and dressing areas.

EXTENDO glass for residential applications may also be etched or custom colored.

2-door EXTENDO design; opened, accenting shared floor surface between rooms.

Bi-parting EXTENDO doors offer innovative corner closures and space saving design.

EXTENDO bedroom doors close fully, with just the touch of a finger.

EXTENDO 4-door configuration for large, clear openings up to 16’.

EXTENDO, 4-door configuration offering privacy with modern and slick design.

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