Parker Hannifin European Headquarters


The new Parker Hannifin Corporate Headquarters is designed with future growth in mind. All public spaces are located at one end of the building, with offices to the east, so that the company can expand with another office wing to the west.

A triple-glazed envelope with integrated blinds marks the offices.

A knife-edged canopy at the entrance shows the differences between standards in the U.S. and in Europe. At its thickest, the canopy is about 9 inches, and it tapers to 3 inches, Reed says. A similar canopy in the U.S. was slated to be 2 feet thick to cut down on production costs. By contrast in Switzerland, Reed says, the attitude is dont use more resources than necessary for what you are trying to achieve.

Projecting entry volume with lobby and exhibit space on the ground level and a corporate conference room above.

Exterior with view into the office levels

Perimeter offices

Open office space with natural light filtering through glass partitions enclosing the perimeter offices

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