Playlist for Fighting a Megacity's Pollution

Elegant Embellishments' pollution-cleaning  façade at the  Manuel Gea Gonzalez Hospital, in Mexico City, spans nearly 27,000 square feet.

The tiles’ biomimetic pattern derive from a quasicrystalline, or penrose, grid and are hung using the studio's clustering system, which it calls Mega Panels. The hospital  façade comprises 509 Mega Panel clusters.

The tiles are assembled using standard directional tiling rules and attached to a vertical structural grid.

A mock-up of a Mega Panel comprising Elegant Embellishments' Prosolve modular tiles.

Unfolded elevation and plan,  Manuel Gea Gonzalez Hospital 

Diagram of the Elegant Embellishments' Mega Panels system

Connection points for the Prosolve tiles

Diagram showing the  façade's evolution from the penrose grid to the Mega Panels of tiles.

Elevation drawing of an individual Prosolve tile

Section through a Prosolve tile and its structural support

Exploded axon of a Prosolve tile's modular components.

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