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The kinetic façade of One Ocean, the Theme Pavilion by Vienna-based Soma, comprises 108 lamellas.

At Expo 2012, the rippling motion of the Theme Pavilion's kinetic façade is discernible from across a causeway.

The kinetic façade of Soma's One Ocean Theme Pavilion in its closed state.

The movements of the 108 lamellas are controlled by four computers.

The 108 lamellas open to allow natural light inside the pavilion. A curtainwall stands behind the kinetic façade on the pavilion's east elevation.

Lamellas in detail

At night, LED luminaires light up the Theme Pavilion's kinetic façade.

The west, sea-facing elevation of the pavilion consists primarily of concrete.

The ocean-facing western façade of the Theme Pavilion comprises solid concrete to withstand the natural elements.

Section cuts through a typical lamella showing the changing thickness from side to side and its rotation bearing.

Detail showing the top or bottom end of a typical lamella, to which actuators apply a compressive force.

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