Posthumous Design

Raimund Abraham's Musikerhaus, which today sits partially built after the architect's death in 2010.

A detail showing a connection between the concrete base of the Musikerhaus and the concrete “crown” that graces the top of the building.

A gathering and performance space in Musikerhaus. The building was designed to hold practice rooms, performance spaces, and living quarters for four musicians at a time.

View from the south of Musikerhaus. Abraham had completed drawings for the project before his death.

Kahn's F.D.R. memorial, with a wide grass plain flanked by linden trees, narrows toward the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. At the tip is a bust of Roosevelt and words from his 1941 “Four Freedoms” speech.

Louis Kahn fortunately had completed a working set of drawings for the memorial before his death.

Kahn's Four Freedoms Park was completed nearly 40 years after the architect's death, the project rescued by a pair of unlikely saviors: an architect named Gina Pollara and a retired diplomat and longtime Roosevelt admirer named William vanden Heuvel.

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