Reconstructed memories of Lebbeus Woods

Einstein Tomb, 1980.

Einstein Tomb, 1980 concept drawing.

DMZ, 1988

SCAB building, part of Pamphlet Architecture 15: War and Architecture, 1993.

Havana, 1994, part of Radical Reconstruction.

Havana, 1994, part of Radical Reconstruction.

San Francisco Bay Project, 1995.

Still from the film 12 Monkeys (left); Neomechanical Tower (right). Lebbeus Woods's work served as inspiration for this set for the movie, and he was awarded damages after suing the production.

Lower Manhattan, 1999.

Nine Reconstructed Boxes.

The Hermitage, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2004.

Conflict Space 3, 2006 - part of San Francisco MoMA's exhibit, Field Conditions.

The Light Pavilion by Lebbeus Woods in collaboration with Christoph a. Kumpusch, in the Raffles City complex in Chengdu, China, by Steven Holl Architects.

Lebbeus Woods in conversation at Postopolis! 3 in 2007.

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