Rijksmuseum renovation

A view from far above reveals the scope of Cruz y Ortiz’s 10 years of work on the Rijksmuseum. While the main building was closed for renovation, the architects completed the Asian Pavilion, Atelier building, study building, and a temporary information center.

Seen here from above, Cruz y Ortiz’s sculptural chandelier dominates the western courtyard, which is enclosed by a glazed roof.

The western courtyard has four portals at the far end that echo the geometry of the chandelier.

In the eastern courtyard, staircases lead to the galleries in the historic building.

A café overlooks open exhibition space in the eastern courtyard.

Underneath the restored Passageway, a starkly modern throughway connects the two courtyards.

The ribbed, tiled vaults of the Museum Passageway beneath the Gallery of Honor were restored; arched windows overlook the renovated courtyards on either side.

The passageway connecting the courtyards.

Many of the original decorative elements in the Rijksmuseum had been painted over; the detailing on the walls and floors was carefully restored during the closure.

The only painting that remained continuously on view during the museum’s 10 year closure was Rembrandt van Rijn’s The Night Watch, which has been restored to its original location in a room at the southern end of the Gallery of Honor.

In many of the galleries, French firm Wilmotte & Associés introduced a neutral color palette, lighting, and a series of minimal vitrines.

Gallery of Honor.

17th Century gallery.

20th Century gallery.

Asian Pavilion gallery.

The Cuypers Library, the oldest art historical library in The Netherlands, was restored during the museum closure.

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