Samitaur Tower

Riders of L.A.'s imminent light-rail line won't need to rely on their Kindles for entertainment. The panes of acrylic bridging the gaps between the Samitaur Tower's five offset rings serve as projection screens, which will showcase films and video art for commuters' pleasure.

The rings, which form the Samitaur Tower's floor plates, are cantilevered off of steel beams.

Running vertically through all five floor plates is a circulation stair and adjacent glass-enclosed elevator shaft, which will allow visitors to climb to the top and enjoy views from the balconies at every level or attend events in the acrylic-enclosed spaces.

The programming for the Samitaur Tower's five screens is still under consideration, but whether it's Van Gogh's Starry Night or a classic film on display, everyone will have something to watch. The different screens were engineered and oriented to cater to different audiences: one to drivers, one to pedestrians, another to passengers of the light rail, and still another to people sitting on concrete bleachers in a below-grade amphitheater.

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