SCI-ARC Gallery

Barbara Bestor, Barbara Bestor Architecture.

The SCI-Arc gallery is known for its avant garde architectural installations. This past spring Los Angeles–based architect Barbara Bestor worked with students to construct Silent Disco, an unfolded plywood polyhedron that doubles as a dance club.

Installed in the school's 20-foot-tall main gallery, Silent Disco uses plywood, mirrored plexiglass, and paint to transform the space into a pop, disorienting, and immersive environment.

Architecture student Kyd Kitchaiya chills in the hot pink lounge areas tucked behind the dance floor.

For the 2010 Moca Gala titled "The Artist's Museum Happening," Bestor collaborated with multimedia artist Doug Aiken to created a light installation. Built out of PVC pipe and Programmable linear LED tubes, the atmospheric sculpture changed color during event performances.

Bestor transformed a former Shakey's pizza parlor into the hip artisanal pizza restaurant Pitfire. Strong colors, exposed plywood and custom furniture give the space a high-design feel without sacrificing, the brands casual, family-friendly style.

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