Shooting Green

VERNAL EQUINOX By dramatizing the effects of light at different times of day and year, Prakash Patel's photos of Carrie Meinberg Burke's Timepiece House render time visible.

SUMMER SOLSTICE Patel used a fog machine to help define the lightstream. For three years, he reshot the space at every equinox and solstice, capturing the light's path through the room.

Timothy Hursley's shots of the Rural Studio projects, including this image of the Harris "Butterfly" House, often blend architectural and portrait photography.

1994 Timothy Hursley took this photo within a month after the Bryants moved in. A grandchild reads in the window at the back. Hursley showcases the family's belongings-especially the personal effects around the fireplace in the center of the room-to show their influence on the space.

2001 This was the first time Hursley had revisited any of the Rural Studio's work. Where the earlier photo conveyed the Studio's "spirit of goodness," says Hursley, the later images focus on the family itself. "They influence the shots." Here, Mrs. Bryant had lost her legs, and a prosthesis is the center of the view.

2007 In this most recent photograph-never before published_Mr. Bryant has died, Mrs. Bryant is bed-ridden, and, says Hursley, "the life has gone out of the room."

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