Storage Barn

Pallets of landscaping materials create a mosaic of natural textures on the side of a storage barn in western Connecticut, enhancing the design of the compact structure while cleaning up the previously littered site.

The barn's space-frame roof projects out over a paved area, providing a shelter for the storage of sand and other materials. An outdoor shower is a water source for wetting materials and a place for the owner's family to rinse off after taking a dip in the nearby lake.

Storage Barn, shower on exterior

Translucent photovoltaic panels are integrated into skylights on the building's roof. The system produces more than enough energy to power the building, allowing the client to recoup principal costs for the system more quickly by selling the excess electricity back to the local utility company.

Storage Barn, exterior at night

The building was designed around the proportions of the 4-foot-wide pallets and around the turning radius and width of the loader used to move them. A bi-fold door can close to keep the loader secure and out of the elements.

Storage Barn, sand storage area

The main interior space is an 800-square-foot ground level garage and workroom. Daylight filters in through the skylights and the white polycarbonate walls, reducing the need for interior lighting. A staircase leads down to the 400-square-foot basement level that houses the heat pumps and other mechanical systems.

Storage Barn, interior

Storage Barn, space frame detail

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