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For its new line of engineered, reclaimed hardwood flooring, Viridian Reclaimed Wood sourced wood from old shipping crates and pallets as well as gym bleachers to create four species categories: Jakarta market blend (tropical mix color shown), European beech, white oak, and CVG Douglas-fir gym bleacher. Comprising a nine-ply birch core with a 4mm wear layer, the 5/8"-thick planks come in widths of 2-1/2" to 7-1/2" and average lengths of 4' to 5'. The VOC-free flooring’s UV-prefinished option (shown) features a microbeveled edge, while the unfinished option has square edges.

To increase and prolong the amount of daylight that building interiors receive, Acuity Brands has introduced Sunoptics LightFlex, a tubular daylighting device for suspended ceiling applications. The system uses Sunoptics Signature Series prismatic skylight and a patent-pending optic sphere inside the roof curb to capture and direct sunlight down the lightwell. To control the light output, LightFlex is integrated with Acuity’s LED luminaires and intelligent controls. The system’s prismatic acrylic diffusers are designed to match typical LED or fluorescent luminaires and deliver glare-free light into the occupied space. LightFlex comes in a 21" tubular shape as well as 2'-by-4' and 4'-square configurations.

The Energy Star-rated WhisperGreen LED ventilation fan/light from Panasonic, which will be launched at the 2013 International Builders’ Show in January, offers spot and/or whole house ventilation for cleaner indoor air quality, the company says. The LED light fixture provides added illumination with maximum energy-efficient light output, using about 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb. The fan also includes a built-in motion sensor, variable speed controls, and a delay timer.

Zola European Windows offers some of the most ultra-efficient windows and doors available in the U.S. and Canada in three levels of efficiency: U-0.18 Classic, U-0.09 Thermo, and U-0.13 ThermoPlus with a SHGC of 0.5 for Passive House buildings. A wide range of other high-performance products are available, including balcony doors, terrace doors, and tilt and lift-slide patio doors.

Bamboo Hardwoods has added seven decorative options to its Hybrid engineered flooring line made of FSC-certified bamboo. In style choices including honey, mocha, and tiger, the flooring provides the beauty and durability of exotic woods with the sustainability of rapidly renewable bamboo, the company says. The long-lasting, formaldehyde-free floor can be glued down, nailed/stapled, or floated and comes with a 25-year finish warranty.

Energy Star-rated A-Series windows from Andersen’s Architectural Collection are constructed with Fibrex composite, which combines the strength and stability of wood with the low maintenance of vinyl. The windows were designed in conjunction with leading architects to ensure design authenticity for any style of home, from Queen Anne to Modernist, the company says.

Trying to find soap and a paper towel to wash your hands in a commercial bathroom often seems like a scavenger hunt. To remedy this, Bradley Corp. created the Advocate AV-Series Lavatory System that combines an automatic soap dispenser, hands-free, low-flow faucet, and high-efficiency dryer in one unit. Made from Terreon, an acrylic-modified polyester resin that is Greenguard-certified as a low-emitting material, the ADA-compliant system comes in single, two- and three-user models.

San Jose, Calif.–based Fireclay Tile collaborated with interior designer Kelly LaPlante to create the Runway Collection, a series of tiles inspired by iconic fashion designs such as the houndstooth pattern and corsets. The four patterns (Chaine Femme shown) are available in the company’s 224 all-natural ceramic glaze colors and on two clay body types: the Debris Series Recycled Tile, a terra-cotta colored stone body containing more than 60% pre- and post-consumer recycled content; and the Vitrail Series Handmade Tile, a white, durable stoneware clay body. Fireclay Tile sources its materials from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dow Corning’s thin-profile, high-performance Vacuum Insulation Panels provide an insulation value of up to R-39 per inch, which is five to 10 times higher than conventional insulation materials can provide, according to the manufacturer. With a core made from up to 95% pre-consumer recycled content, the silver-colored panels come in thicknesses between 0.25" and 1.5" and as large as 2' by 3'.

To reduce the weight and amount of material used in its bricks, CalStar Products now offers its modular, utility, and large-format facing masonry units with cores, which also eases handling. Available in a variety of standard colors and sizes, the bricks contain 37% recycled content. Because their proprietary manufacturing process does not incorporate kiln firing, CalStar’s masonry units consume 81% less energy than conventional clay bricks, which translates into an 84% reduction in carbon emissions.

The low-profile ceiling troffers in the Metalux ArcLine LED Series by Cooper Lighting generate a natural, soft light. The dimmable luminaires use at least 40% less energy than a conventional three-lamp fluorescent troffer. Available in four sizes—1' square, 1' by 4', 2' square, and 2' by 4'—the fixture uses 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K LEDs with a color rendering index exceeding 85.

The Solatube Smart LED System from Solatube International harnesses daylight and transitions to cost- and energy-efficient LED lighting at night. Serving as an ideal security feature, the LED lighting prevents homes from going completely dark once the sun goes down and each LED bulb lasts an average of 20 years, the company says. An optional occupancy sensor activates the LED only when a low-light area is occupied.

VaporBlock G, the latest addition to Raven Industries Engineered Films Division’s series of high-performance vapor, gas, and moisture barriers, is a three-layer underslab vapor barrier that comprises polyethylene resins on the outer layers and a core layer containing 10% post-consumer recycled polyethylene. Capable of withstanding temperatures between -70 F and 180 F, the 15-mil-thick vapor barrier comes in 12'-wide, 200'-long rolls.

QuietWarmth electric radiant heat underlayment is suitable for use under new floating wood, laminate, and ceramic and porcelain tile flooring. Manufactured by MP Global Products from a minimum 77% recycled textile fibers, QuietWarmth prevents drafts and hot and cold spots, the firm says, and is controlled by individual programmable room thermostats. At 1/8" thick, it does not raise the overall height of the floor beyond that of ordinary underlayment.

Suitable for new construction and retrofit projects, the Lutron Stairwell LED Fixture has an occupancy sensor that adjusts light output based on stairwell use. With an integral Lutron LED driver and digital dimmer, which communicates wirelessly with Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors, the fixture can reduce electricity consumption from lighting by more than 90 percent over a comparable luminaire using a T12 lamp. The 2'-long, wall- or ceiling-mounted fixture has preprogrammed, user-adjustable light settings and uses 17W or 30W 4000K LEDs.

In the luxury vinyl tile market, Gerflor has introduced seven new styles inspired by urban landscapes, nature, and natural wood in its Creation Collection, including Somerset (shown). Available in more than 85 designs and a variety of sizes, the synthetic, antistatic, and resilient flooring is 2mm thick and has a 0.7mm PVC wear layer with a hygienic, low-maintenance polyurethane surface treatment. The formaldehyde-free tile contains 35% preconsumer recycled content and is recyclable in its entirety.

ClimaGuard HiLightR 802 residential window glass combines the efficiency of low-E glass with the insulating power of Guardian’s ClimaGuard IS-20, boosting thermal performance without sacrificing natural light, the company says. Meeting Energy Star standards and rigorous new energy codes in the northern U.S. and Canada, the glazing can cut heat loss by up to 18% and brighten homes with 79% of the sun’s visible light.

For its 2013 Pacific Coastal Collection of architectural wood finishes, Kirei reclaimed and engineered waste from redwood and blue pine (shown) trees for use in a range of applications such as millwork, woodwork, paneling, and tabletops. The material is sourced from California and the Pacific Northwest, while the design panels are manufactured in Southern California.

Crestron’s Integrated by Design energy management solutions help integrate commercial lighting control with HVAC, AV, IT, shading, security, and other building management systems on single, intelligent platform. The line of energy management products includes Crestron Shading Solution to manage incoming daylight using motorized window shades and drapery track systems, and the Green Light Power Meter, which logs overall building electricity usage in real time and stores historical data.

GreenSquared-certified Limestone tile from Crossville contains a minimum of 20% recycled content and comes in five natural hues with soft, authentic detailing for a blend of Old World and urban sensibilities, the company says. Sizes range from 8"-by-8" to 16"-by-24" field tiles, a 4"-by-24" bullnose trim, and planks upon request. Classic 2"-by-4" tumbled mosaics, 3"-by-6" tumbled subway tiles, and 2"-by-2" diamonds are also available.

Guardian Industries and View (formerly Soladigm) have introduced SunGuard EC, a dynamic architectural glass product that helps control heat and glare inside a building using electrochromic technology. The glazing transitions from clear to tinted in response to either manual or automated controls. In its fully tinted state, the glass has a visible transmittance (VT) of 0.03 and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.09. In its clear state, the glass has a VT of 0.58 and an SHGC of 0.46. The tint level can be adjusted to one of four settings.

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