The House that Wind Built

The dark exterior of House of Vestas features adjustable sunscreens made of 3-meter-by-80-centimeter panels of matte and reflective glass. The two-layer system is designed for motion with panels that move in increments of one panel to three panels according to a 3D model.

The dot patterning on the walls of House of Vestas serves double duty as an aesthetic treatment and a sound buffer, with acoustic dampers installed behind the panels.

The interior of the House of Vestas is purposefully light and airy to contrast with the dark exterior.

The central atrium is topped by glass outfitted with thin-film photovoltaics.

The many meeting spaces include touch-down booths that can hold small meeting or provide a spot for lunch.

Each office wing is linked via open walkways.

House of Vestas employs a range of environmental systems to keep its footprint low.

The House of Vestas is designed with six office wings linked by a central atrium that contains a variety of meeting spaces and the cafeteria. Plans allow for two additional office wings to be added as needed in the future.

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