Theatre 300b

The ground floor entry space has a bar and lounge seating; it is from this point that the ramps begin to lead up to the venue floors above. In an effort to maximize durability and sound abatement while still maintaining the grungy rock-and-roll aesthetic, the architects decided to clad the ceiling in felt panels and the bar in neoprene.

The building’s steel frame is clad in EPDM sheet rubber that is bonded to resin plywood panels. Large windows are formed from 1-3/4" insulated glazing units, canted 3 degrees, and fit into a stainless steel assembly.

The four large projecting window bays on the south façade correspond to landing areas on the circulation ramps. When a concert is under way, the interior lighting creates a stark contrast against the black rubber siding and puts the spectators on display to drivers on the neighboring highway.

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