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Getting the red color right for the glazing was a tricky task. "I have the red glass museum in the office," Leahy jokes: His team assembled more than 100 samples, and mock-ups were prepared to study the effects. "Times Square is visual cacophony," says Leahy of the surrounding context. "We tried to make this the eye in the storm--a very quiet thing." The red glow is intended to attract people to the steps, but achieving an even texture to the light was essential in creating a warm beacon.

The information column serves the dual purpose of alerting customers to what tickets are available and serving as signage for the site. Encased in glass, the panel has a stainlesss steel frame for support and is lit with LEDs.

The red staircase is constructed entirely from glass elements held together by metal fittings. The structure is backed by a metal reflector panel that radiates the light outward.

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