U.S. Land Port of Entry, Van Buren, Maine

The Z-shaped layout of the pavilions serves not only to create windbreaks that shield border-control agents from harsh weather, but also to increase visibility of the vehicle checkpoints.

Vehicle check point from the south

Clear sight lines from officer workspaces inside the port building to the vehicle processing areas under the canopies outside allow security needs to be met with few border-control officers. Openings in the roof canopy admit daylight to the space underneath; after sunset, artificial lighting is projected through the perforated aluminum ceiling panels.

The Van Buren Land Port of Entry is located on a narrow, 21-acre site that used to serve as a rail yard. The surrounding forested areas inspired the patterning on the silk-screened glazing, which sits flush with metal panels to form a taut skin around the building forms.

Exploded axonometric. From bottom to top: precast concrete back-up wall; aluminum rainscreen; structure; roof plane; skylights.

Elevation diagram

Interior workspaces.

Sustainability diagram highlighting a groundsource heating/cooling system (pink); solar thermal walls (yellow); solar hot water (blue); and venting skylights (yellow arrows).

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