World Architecture Festival

8 House Copenhagen Overlooking the Copenhagen Canal, the 645,000-square-foot, bow-shaped 8 House includes apartments, townhouses, and penthouses, in addition to retail space.

A Mother River Recovered: The Sanlihe Greenway Qian’an City This 8.3-mile ecological corridor diverts water from the Luan River through the City of Qian’an. As part of the project, Chinese landscape architecture firm Turenscape replaced sewage pipes that discharged into the Sanlihe River with a passive, natural-infiltration system.

InBetween House Nagano This Koji Tstsui Architect & Associates–designed mountain house, located an hour northwest of Tokyo, comprises five smaller pitched-roof cottages built from local larch timber.

Kurilpa Bridge Brisbane Kurilpa Bridge, a $63 million pedestrian and bicyclist bridge spanning the Brisbane River, is based on “tensegrity,” the term coined by Richard Buckminster Fuller to describe the principle of balanced compressive and tensile forces.

Media-ICT Barcelona The use of District Cooling, a photovoltaic roof, dynamic sun filters, and smart sensors reduced the Media-ICT building’s carbon emissions by 95 percent.

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion Hjerkinn Located on the fringes of Norway’s Dovrefjell National Park, the 969-square-foot Reindeer Centre Pavilion is girded by a raw steel frame. Its curving walls are made of 10-square-inch pine beams assembled by Norwegian shipbuilders.

Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal Arnhem The golden-brown anodized façade of the Groot Klimmendaal rehab center blends into the surrounding forest. Light wells bring daylight into the heart of the 98-foot-wide structure.

Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge The 118,403-square-foot Sainsbury Laboratory is located in the University of Cambridge’s Botanic Garden.

Shoreline Walk Beirut The Shoreline Walk is a tree-lined pedestrian promenade designed to link the old and new parts of Beirut, and to revitalize the city’s coastline, part of which became a landfill during the 1975–1991 Lebanese Civil War.

Small House Sydney Domenic Alvaro At 453 square feet, Sydney’s Small House—a three-story residence with a rooftop garden terrace—has a ground floor no bigger than a typical suburban garage.

Speedskating Stadium Inzell: Max Aicher Arena Through the continuous glass façade of the Speedskating Stadium Inzell, athletes and spectators can enjoy sweeping views of the Bavarian Alps.

The Tower of Nests Shanghai Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB Designed for downtown Shanghai, this skyscraper would provide a space where humans, squirrels, birds, and bees could coexist. The building’s skin is to be composed of straw, wicker, clay, and stone, among other materials.

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