YAP_MAXXI On View Until Sept. 23

This year's YAP_MAXXI installation, by Urban Movement Design, start with swirling script painted on the piazza next the the Zaha Hadid-designed museum.

The paint glows in the dark, and from the upper galleries, visitors can see that the script spells out the title of the installation: Unire/Unite.

In an adjacent garden, the architects installed the Infinity System, a sinuous series of connected benches.

The benches are made from ribs of marine-grade plywood, with sections covered in a concrete canvas material.

Vertical elements support a trellis from vines that provide shade, and misters that cool the visitors sitting below.

The bench surface is contoured to support multiple seating positions.

Trained in yogic therapy, the architects designed the bench specifically to support yoga poses and promoted different movement therapies. The museum is hosting yoga classes throughout the summer.

The Infinity System, with misters cooling the surrounding environment.

A busy summer afternoon at Unire/Unite.

Throughout Rome, sidewalk advertising is promotign the installation, which will be on view until September 23.

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