On Feb. 20, Architecture 2030 will present “The 2010 Imperative: Global Emergency Teach-In,” an interactive forum on how design education needs to address global warming and the depletion of natural resources. The event will feature presentations from four panelists—including architect Edward Mazria, the author of The Passive Solar Energy Book (1979) and the founder of Architecture 2030, a sustainable-design advocacy group—as well as a Q&A session, during which online participants will be able to ask questions and submit comments.

Talk Radio

In January 2006, the Australian Broadcasting Corp.'s Radio National debuted a weekly program, By Design. Presented by architecture and food critic Alan Saunders, the hour-long show covers the built world, from handheld gadgets to skyscrapers. Not all of the programs are available for download or online listening, but you can subscribe to the show's podcast. Recent programs have included a discussion with Museum of Modern Art architecture and design curator Paola Antonelli and an interview of Peter Jones, author of a biography about engineer Ove Arup.


XRez is three Los Angeles–based digital artists who are pursuing the opportunities now available through the rise of “extremely high-resolution gigapixel digital photography.” The group's services include location shoots, image manipulation, gallery prints, 3-D animation, and virtual backgrounds. As an example of what xRez can do, the gallery includes a 90,000-pixel-by-40,000-pixel image of Boston taken from the top of the Prudential Tower. (Above, a detail at maximum zoom.)

eric haas


“Subways need not be boring or dreary!” says Metro Bits, one man's effort to make underground urban travel a little more interesting. This page of Mike Rohde's ever-growing tribute to the subterranean world features more than 40 subway systems around the globe that offer riders beautiful architecture and art, such as the Los Angeles Metro's Hollywood/Highland station (above), by Dworsky Associates.