Specialist liability insurance firm Beazley has launched a new risk management tool specifically geared toward architecture and engineering firms and their brokers. Beazley's A&E Risk Management website features webinars and articles on topics related to risk and liability. 

One of the portal's tools is an interactive state map that collates real cases, annotated with explanations of specific state statutes and court decisions. A "By Design" instructional video aims to help A&E firm leaders explain to their employees the goals and significance of risk management. The Beazley portal compiles some 30 of the firm's live webinars featuring industry experts. 

Beazley's portal includes pages dedicated to construction phase services, claims and disputes, business relationships, laws, sustainable design, international projects, and contract guidance. Each of these verticals includes information for both practitioners and brokers. 

Consider green design: hardly a controversial topic in 2013. But an article by Douglas R. Allen, a construction-law attorney and partner at Foran Glennon Palandech Ponzi & Rudloff, explains in a post on the Beazley portal that sustainable design comes with a specific and often overlooked set of risks. "The exposure associated with 'green' projects can be quite substantial," Allen writes. "Damages associated with the failure to achieve an expected 'green' certification can include diminished marketability, increased life-cycle costs, loss of government incentives"—among other risks.

For brokers, the site offers the Beazley Box Broker Toolkit, which includes an A&E contract review guide, an indemnity seminar, and detailed information for brokers looking to hold their own information sessions. Those instructions for hosting information sessions include a PowerPoint presentation, quiz, certificates of completion, and advice for writing invitations to sessions.

The site is currently password protected; email Beazley about site registration.