INTERVIEWS BLDGBLOG founder Geoff Manaugh and Detlef Mertins, chair of the University of Pennsylvania's Architecture Department, discuss the “tactics of architectural education in this time of rapidly shifting technology.” Manaugh also spoke with Kazys Varnelis, just before Varnelis moved in August to Columbia University to found and direct the Network Architectural Lab, part of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Varnelis, who with Robert Sumrell runs the architecture collective AUDC, describes the NetLab as “a research center for investigating the impact of recent changes in telecommunications and computation on architecture and urbanism.”

WEBSITE Computer art technician Michel Labelle has been creating Utopolis, a city in which all of the buildings are made from Lego pieces, for many years. A few of the models are even available for purchase.

VIDEO A gamer and aspiring architect who goes by the online name Kasperg has created a walk-through of Frank Lloyd Wright's Kaufmann House (aka Fallingwater) using a source engine normally employed to create video game landscapes. As Dan Hill notes in his blog, City of Sound, “Video game engines seem to be providing the most fluid, rich environments for exploring buildings, short of being there, outpacing much traditional architectural software.”

SURVEYS Roopinder Tara, president and CEO of and founder of the blog CAD Insider, has created a survey “to explore why users buy a particular CAD software.” The survey, which will remain online through November, shows updated results with each respondent. The European Network of Heads of Schools of Architecture has posted an online questionnaire for European employers of young architects. According to Constantin Spiridonidis, ENHSA coordinator, the questionnaire was created because a pilot ENHSA survey found that “the most significant competences … are very poorly ensured by the architectural education system.”