Launched last September, Designer Pages is both a product spec guide and a collaborative networking site for architects, engineers, interior designers, and manufacturers. The board of advisers includes FXFowle Architects' Daniel Kaplan, George Leventis of Langan Engineering, and hospitality designer Adam Tihany. The Sesquipedalist began life as a monthly blog review of books on architecture. Broader, more frequent posts have appeared since the blogger started work on a Ph.D. The “about” page says the topic is “whether the architectural press passively reflects or actively deflects the construction of the built environment.” Forecasting what the next decade or century will hold for humanity is always a risky proposition. Paleo-Future—“A Look Into the Future That Never Was”—takes a genial poke at the ways writers, scientists, designers, and others have erred (and occasionally succeeded) in their visions of tomorrow. Longfellow may have written that “fame comes only when deserved,” but the folks behind Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect believe any designer can reach the necessary level of worthiness. The growing list of lessons includes “No. 6: Amass Symbolic Capital” and “No. 14: Do Good Work & Keep Your Soul.”