This recently developed website describes itself as the only online registry for construction professionals who provide products and services to the educational community for the construction and maintenance of schools, colleges, and universities. Architecture firms can register their services for free and also use the site as a one-stop resource for product information and specifications.


Vanishing STL was created by St. Louis architect Paul Hohmann “to illustrate the continuing loss of irreplaceable architecture from landmark buildings to ordinary homes due to demolition, abandonment and neglect.” Although the blog is just two months old, nearly every post has received at least one comment, suggesting that Hohmann has quickly found a sympathetic audience.


After completing his masterful Battleship Potemkin in 1926, Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein was inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis and the glass architecture of Bruno Taut and Le Corbusier to create a new movie, The Glass House. Although Eisenstein worked on a script for years, the film never became a reality. This essay, from Volume 7 (2005) of the Australian online film journal Rouge, follows Eisenstein's work on the story (as well as the social and cultural forces that shaped it), which in its final version was conceived of as a conflict between the architect who creates the glass house, the poet who enables the blind inhabitants to see it, and the robot that ultimately destroys the structure.

Gary Jarvis


Gary Jarvis moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., in June 2006. To get to know his new surroundings, he decided to jog every last bit of pavement available to pedestrians, a 1,700-mile effort he's chronicling in words and photographs at For those interested only in his street-level view of the borough, he's also posting all of his images on the photo-storage site Flickr (pictured: the corner of 55th Street and 5th Avenue in Sunset Park). Once Jarvis has completed Brooklyn, he plans to run every mile of Manhattan.