What are the critical engineering challenges? The National Academy of Engineering convened top minds to consider the question, and they arrived at 14 problems, including environmental and energy issues, infrastructure, cyberspace, health, and more. Did the academy miss anything? Join the conversation. Perhaps the folks at the National Academy of Engineering should read this blog, which shines a light on examples of “doing more with less” in Africa: a homemade helicopter, bamboo bikes, a sugar-and-yeast power source, DIY biogas generation, water harvesting for the drought season, a solar kiln, and more. The Nazi bans on Jews forced nearly 500 German architects to stop working. What happened to 43 of them can be found in Pentagram Papers 37: Forgotten Architects, written by Berlin architect Myra Warhaftig and based on her book German Jewish Architects Before and After 1933: The Lexicon. Did you know that Piggly Wiggly, started in 1916, is credited with the introduction of self-service grocery shopping? Or that the King Kullen store, opened in 1930 by a former Kroger and A&P executive, may have been the nation's first supermarket? Find out more about the design and business history of food shopping.