The International Code Council (ICC) will close the public comment period on version 2.0 of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) on Friday, Aug. 12. Following the public comment period, comments will be reviewed and the ICC will then hold final action hearings in Phoenix, Ariz., from Nov.2-6. The final goal is the publication of the 2012 International Green Construction Code in March 2012.

As previously reported on, Version 2.0 reflects the work of the IGCC Public Hearings Committee, which reviewed 1,500 comments and nearly 120 hours of testimony collected during eight days of public hearings in August 2010. The most significant revision to the IGCC is in the area of energy efficiency. Total Annual Net Energy use in version 1.0 was replaced by a Zero Energy Performance Index, requiring energy performance that is 51 percent better than the mean energy used by similar buildings in the year 2000. In addition, the formula concerning jurisdictional project electives were adjusted to require jurisdictions to enforce at least one and up to 14 electives.

According to the ICC, changes in Version 2.0 include:
- The replacement of the Total Annual Net Energy Use in Version 1.0 with a Zero Energy Performance Index, requiring buildings to use no more than 51 percent of the energy allowed in the 2000 International Energy Conservation Code
- a 20 percent water savings beyond U.S. federal standards for water closets in residential settings
- new requirements for identification and removal of materials containing asbestos
- land use regulations including new provisions addressing flood risk, development limitations related to greenfields, use of turn grass, and minimum landfill diversion requirements
- clarification of responsibilities from the registered design professional to the owner to prevent potential conflicts with state and local requirements
- greater consistency with industry standards in air handling systems.

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