The Civilian Conservation Corps, the Public Works Administration, and other New Deal programs profoundly affected the nation's landscape. This site is part of an effort to map, understand, and celebrate the California buildings and structures that remain.
A reflection on Yves Saint Laurent that draws parallels with architecture. "One trope of Modernism in design is an interest in structure," Thomas de Monchaux notes. "Tectonics in architecture becomes, perhaps, tailoring in clothes."
Do the words volute, baluster, newel, and winder give you a thrill? Do you spend lots of time sweating the details of how people will walk between floors? This blog is for you, then. No how-tos or schematics here—just pretty pictures of stairs.
Since 2001, a surveyor has been posting dissertation research about geometry and symbolism in the map of Washington, D.C. The author states up front that the point of view is "architectural and historical, rather than emotional and superstitious."