Jobs in architectural and engineering services bounced back in December, adding 4,800 jobs after losing 2,900 jobs the month prior. In addition to reporting information about how the economy fared last month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also released information about how smaller sectors like architecture fared in November. (Information on smaller parts of the economy are released a month behind the larger sectors.) So given today's positive report, perhaps there is hope that smaller sectors showed similar improvement in December, which will be reported in the next data release in February.

Architecture experienced modest growth in November, adding 500 jobs, which is less than a quarter of the jobs that it added in October.

Landscape architecture lost 300 jobs in November, the industry's fourth month of losses in 2015.

Engineering and drafting services lost 2,500 jobs in November, ending a two-month streak of positive growth. August was the only other month that this sector posted losses.

Charts data source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics