As a whole, architectural and engineering services added 8,300 jobs in October, a major leap from the mere 600 jobs that the sector added in September (initially reported as a loss of 200 jobs). These figures are part of the latest monthly employment report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, released today. These monthly releases also include data about how smaller parts of this bigger sector performed the month prior. (In other words, today's October jobs report includes information about smaller sectors in September.)

Architectural services lost 700 jobs in September, which breaks a five-month streak of positive growth. Architecture hasn't lost this many jobs in a month since July 2013, when it lost 900 jobs. (Keep in mind that these preliminary numbers are often revised, however, in later reports.)

Landscape architecture lost 200 jobs. This is a deceleration of growth from August and July.

Engineering and drafting services lost 600 jobs in September, but it's still an improvement over August's 3,000 lost jobs.

While these three sub-sectors lost a total of 1,500 jobs in September, they were offset by gains in other areas of the architectural and engineering services sector.

Charts data source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics