On July 20, “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” opens at MoMA. The exhibit will feature five full-scale houses, the first time since the mid 20th century that the museum has built occupiable model buildings for a show. Follow the progress of the five architecture firms erecting the prefab homes. A curious exercise in user-generated content, Normal Room lets anyone post photographs of spaces in their own homes, along with some basic information: location, type of abode, occupants, etc. The images likely won't offer much design inspiration, but armchair anthropologists should have a field day. Between Dubai -- said to be home to 15-25 percent of the world's construction cranes -- and Abu Dhabi, it's hard to beat the United Arab Emirates for sheer volume of eye-popping architecture going up. Art and design site Design Boom does its best to keep pace, offering this glimpse of 57 projects.