Left: Hadrian Predock; Right: John Frane
Left: Hadrian Predock; Right: John Frane

Yesterday, Predock_Frane Architects co-founders Hadrian Predock and John Frane announced plans to discontinue their 15-year-old collaborative research and design studio in Venice, Calif. The firm is known for its designs of everything from installations to infrastructure and large public venues. Its work appeared in the 2004 and 2012 Venice Biennales, and won the 2006 Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial as well as multiple AIA Honor Awards from the Los Angeles chapter and one at the national level in 2004 for the Center of Gravity Foundation Hall in Jemez Springs, N.M.

"The House That Consumed Geometry" in Venice Beach, Calif.
Photekt (Nico Marquez) "The House That Consumed Geometry" in Venice Beach, Calif.

Following the firm's closure, Predock will maintain his position as the undergraduate director of architecture programs at the University of Southern California (USC's) School of Architecture and plans to establish a new practice, Hadrian Predock Architecture, in Los Angeles. Frane, who will also continue teaching at USC's School of Architecture, was recently named a principal at HGA Architects and Engineers.

"Luminous Passage" in Santa Monica, Calif.
Predock Frane Architects "Luminous Passage" in Santa Monica, Calif.

"We're finding different areas of architecture that we have a stronger interest in. ... I really like the kind of life I have right now where I'm curating an architecture school, in addition to working on selective projects," says Predock, who described the "amicable split" as a decision that had been in the works for "six or eight months."

"For me, it's a great opportunity to marry the high-level design work that Hadrian and I have been doing for the past 15 years to the resources, in terms of experience and expertise in the arts in particular, that HGA has across the country," Frane says. "We're mutually excited for what's in store for each other."

Projects leftover from Predock_Frane Architects will be divided between the two partners, who will finish them independently. Since the partners co-designed all of their works, they chose to split the remaining projects based on which of the architects served as the client lead.

Below is the full statement released by Predock and Frane yesterday: 

Predock_Frane Architects has had an incredible 15 years gaining international recognition through award-winning projects, public appearances, and exhibitions. This record of accomplishment has brought both of us new opportunities that, with careful and mutual consideration, we believe are worthy of pursuit at this time. Therefore, we are dissolving Predock_Frane Architects, as it currently exists, and launching into new and exciting opportunities.

Hadrian will continue his role as the Undergraduate Director of Architecture programs at USC and will establish his own architecture and design practice, Hadrian Predock Architecture. John Frane will become a Principal at HGA Architecture focusing on arts, cultural, and education projects. In addition John will continue to teach at the USC School of Architecture. We have enjoyed a deep and prolific collaboration, which is fed by our passion for the discipline and our long friendship. We have been collaborators on a wide range of high design commissions that include art projects, residences, cultural venues, educational institutes, urban housing, and commercial space. Our accolades include highly respected awards within the discipline, honor awards for our built projects, invitations to prestigious international exhibitions, and illustrious teaching posts at colleges and universities around the country.

With our mutual admiration and friendship firmly intact, we look forward to future collaborations as we broaden our circles and forge ahead into new territories. We wish to thank everyone for the years of support and encouragement, and look forward to continuing these relationships into the future.