If you’ve still got a job, and we hope you do, 2009 may well be the year to count your blessings: a regular paycheck, health insurance (perhaps), and someplace besides your couch to go in the morning. Even so, work anxieties and office politics haven’t gone away. They’re still there, just bubbling a little deeper below the surface. The guy down the hall feels unappreciated; your cubicle mate knows she’s underpaid. And how did that dolt from the branch office get a promotion?

In this, our third salary survey—but the first that draws exclusively on our own readership—we present the results from an online survey that 1,392 of you completed in December and January. (We e-mailed a random sample of readers, promising that for every completed survey, we’d donate $2 to Architecture for Humanity—a promise we stand by.) All respondents included in this survey are full-time employees of firms that do primarily nonresidential architecture.

And what did we find? On the whole, you’re making decent money, although it’s true that a high percentage of principals and other management responded to the survey. The big question, of course, is: What will you be making next year, and the year after, given the economy?

Let us know—we’ll be asking. And read on …