The AIA knows when to keep a good thing going. Its America's Favorite Architecture survey and companion website proved a hit, and now the institute has created a site with minidocumentaries on a handful of the top 150 buildings, image galleries, and comments from top architects. Chances are you're hoofing it a lot more these days, thanks to painful gas prices. Just how walkable is your part of town? Plug in an address and Walk Score tallies the surrounding points of interest. The site also offers rankings for 2,508 neighborhoods in 40 cities and comparative maps. “City X,” a 2004 piece by radio producer Jonathan Mitchell, is a 23-minute account of the contemporary shopping mall— that hermetically sealed temple to consumer culture—as told by the residents of one real, though nameless, Midwest city. Learn what books the architecturally minded own and sign up to catalog your collection. Most common among members at press time: Towards a New Architecture, followed by the trio of Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture, Delirious New York, and The Image of the City.