Fans of hard-to-find architecture magazines, rejoice! Every issue of UME—which has been published in Australia about twice a year for the past 10 years in very limited quantities (1,000 copies per issue)—can now be downloaded for free. “It has always been our policy that the material in the magazine should be widely available to architects, academics and students,” says the site about the decision to put everything online.

Josh Jackson


Why does the Brooklyn row house at 323 Prospect Place (right) sit at such an odd angle to the street? Josh Jackson, who also writes the blog Built Environment (, does a little sleuthing and learns something about the development of Flatbush Avenue. From the April 2007 issue of Lost Magazine, a web-only publication devoted to “reclaiming those things that the world has passed by.”


Created by Nikon for the education section of its corporate website, Universcale is a delightful interactive page that compares objects on a scale starting at 10–15 meters (unbelievably small) and ending at 1027 meters (larger than the observable universe). Examples of size along the journey from the femtometer to the light year include a carbon nanotube, a blue whale, various man-made structures such as the Arc de Triomphe (below), Ayers Rock in Australia, and the Orion Nebula.