Architectures of Control is a blog by industrial designer, engineer, and researcher Dan Lockton that examines how products, systems, and environments are intentionally designed to restrict users' behaviors or even to enforce certain desired modes of behavior. Now in its prototype phase, the Biomimicry Database is an effort to create a resource “where designers, architects, and engineers can search biological information, find experts, and collaborate.” The site's founders invite feedback and suggestions for content. “Russian Utopia,” an online exhibit of unbuilt architecture, includes N. Ryabov's Lenin Mausoleum, (1925). Most of us eat lunch in a hurry, often at our desks. Architects Yen Ha and Michi Yanagishita believe we shouldn't, so each day they record their midday meal as inspiration. “We believe leaving the office every day for lunch is an invaluable ritual,” their first post says.