Furnishings generally refers to the items brought into the building for the use and/or comfort of the occupants. Items in this category include furniture, artwork, window treatments (blinds, curtains, etc.), mats, rugs, plants, and the like. In the majority of cases, these items are supplied by the owner or are arranged for outside the scope of most construction-related contracts.

Items included within Furnishings are usually counted individually, as most items are bought/sold in this fashion. The procedures used to estimate Furnishings are typically as follows:

  • Review all contract documents to determine what is and what is not included in the scope of responsibility.
  • Review the specifications (if applicable), all drawings, sketches, owner-supplied lists, and any other relevant documentation for the items required, specific models, and/or acceptable manufacturers.
  • All items should be listed, accounted for, and costs attached.

Many of the items can be delivered in place or have installation costs already included in the price of the item. Others, however, may need some attention or at least cleaning prior to installation. Costs must be estimated for these items.