2013 Gift Guide


Present Time: What to Give Your Project Team

Show your crew some gratitude with high-design pieces that are sure to inspire.

Gift buying can be a tricky task. What do you give an onerous engineer, a demanding client, or a snarky colleague? We check in with three architects and a designer for a few ideas. Below are their picks, tailored to the whims of each member of your team. Text by Ali Morris.


Design Colleagues

Help your co-conspirators keep their files intact and their offices tidy with these elements of functional design.

Design Managers

Impress the boss with refined design, unique materials, and easy access to caffeine.


Architectural Interns

Gift your interns with these must-have accessories for aspiring architects.


Thank those who keep your designs standing with gifts they can use.


General Contractors

Natural materials and new tech are fair trades for getting your design built as planned.

Landscape Architects

Feed their passion for the outdoors with opportunities to interact with nature from behind their desks.


Interior Designers

Interior designers have a knack for bringing a space together. Give them something they'd willingly display.


Forget the formalities. Some clients deserve a gift that's a step above the rest. Try one of these.



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