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Product Overview

Founded in 1992, Bird-B-Gone® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of professional grade bird deterrents. We provide effective solutions to prevent birds from landing or roosting in unwanted areas. Bird-B-Gone products are one of the most specified bird control products in the world by architects, contractors and government agencies.

Our products have helped solve bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings across the world and offers extended guarantees. Our products feature industry leading guarantees and are manufactured in the U.S., ensuring they meet the highest standard of quality in the industry.

We have a devoted team of bird control engineers with over 90 years of combined experience to help answer all of your bird control questions.

GSA #GS-06F-00775P

Product Description, Applications

Bird-B-Gone offers a comprehensive line of professional bird control products:

  • Bird Spikes: Stainless Steel and Plastic
  • Bird Netting: U.V. stabilized, non-conductive, waterproof, 10 year guarantee
  • Shock Track Systems: Low profile, electrical track system
  • Bird Wire: Low profile, low visibility, low maintenance, 5 year guarantee
  • Bird Slope: U.V. protected PVC, 2 year guarantee
  • Sound Deterrents - Low cost solution for large open spaces
  • Misting Systems - Uses scents to deter birds from indoor and outdoor areas
  • Bird Spiders - Adaptable and versatile, polycarbonate tips prevent scuffing
  • Other products including traps, visual deterrents and more!

Why Bird-B-Gone?

  • Humane bird control solutions endorsed by major animal rights groups
  • Certified Authorized Installers are available nationwide
  • Products are manufactured in the United States
  • Bird control solutions for multiple settings including: commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential
  • Products are available internationally
  • Top quality customer support and technical assistance.
  • Industry leading guarantees