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Product Overview

The Carnes complete line of ventilation equipment is engineered and manufactured for the demanding commercial and light industrial market. Optional product listings by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are available to ensure electrical safety and reliability. Most Carnes ventilators bear the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) certified ratings seal for sound levels and air performance. A complete line of accessories and finishes are available for all ventilation products. Non-USA voltages are available for both belt driven fans and for speed controllable direct drive fans.


Centrifugal Power Roof Ventilators

Carnes centrifugal power roof ventilators comprise one of the most complete lines available. The unique design of the Patented Diffuser Assembly the innovative wheel and precision matched venturi enable the fans to reach high static pressures. Birdscreen, thermal overload, conduit chase and adjustable drives are standard features. Roof ventilators are available in direct drive or belt drive arrangements. Roof curbs and backdraft dampers can be furnished as accessories.

Centrifugal Power Wall Ventilators

Carnes centrifugal power wall ventilators are available in direct drive or belt drive units and are designed to compliment the configurations of the Carnes roof-mounted ventilators. The spun and shaped aluminum housing, wall mounting flange, birdscreen and safety disconnect are standard items. Carnes centrifugal fan units feature backwardly inclined wheel blades with self-limiting power characteristics. The wall ventilators have the motor mounted out of the exhaust air stream, positive ventilation of the motor compartment and the motor mounting frame grounded. Also available for kitchen applications.

    Additional Centrifugal Ventilators:
  • Square Inline Duct Fans
  • Filtered Air Supply Fans
  • Low Profile Power Roof Exhausters
  • Class I and II Centrifugal Blowers
  • Ceiling and Cabinet Fans


Mixed Flow Fans

Carnes Mix Flow Fans consist of the latest design, the Mix Flow Fan is designed to save money as well as energy to the user. Our Mix Flow Fans are acoustically tuned to operate at a much lower sound levels than other in-line centrifugal and tubeaxial fans. Increased efficiency and lower operating speeds are the key components to delivering a great performing fan. Product standardization and production efficiency have made it possible to offer this advanced fan very economically in standard sizes. Along with each standard unit there are many accessory options to meet your specific design needs.

Low Silhouette Axial Roof Ventilators

Carnes line of low silhouette axial power roof ventilators are ideal for installations requiring high performance and a clean, modern appearance. These units are available for exhaust, supply or filtered supply applications.

Tubeaxial Fans

The Carnes tubeaxial fans are ideal for supplying or exhausting air at relatively low static pressures. These fans can be mounted from the ceiling, off the floor or within a duct.

Upblast Axial Roof Ventilators

Carnes model LUBA, belt drive and LUDA, direct drive upblast exhausters provide efficient discharge of contaminated air high above the roof for effective dispersion into the atmosphere.

Unitized fan curb, heavy gauge windband braced against cross winds, positive closing butterfly dampers and watertight rain channels insure effective weather protection.


  • Gravity Hoods
  • Ventilator Accessories
  • Miscellaneous
  • ECM Motors

Fan Selection Software

Carnes Fan-C-Lect TM is user friendly Windows software which allows you to quickly select and schedule fans, providing optional performance curves and sound data at your operating points.

Ventilator Express

Need it now? Quick shipment is our specialty. A huge selection of ventilation products are available on Carnes express shipment program.