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Emerson Network Power



Emerson Network Power

PO Box 29186
1050 Dearborn Dr.
Columbus, OH 43229
(614) 888-0246
(800) 877-9222
(614) 841-6022

Enterprise data center infrastructure projects today require efficiency, capacity, scalability and availability to be built-in from the start.

Emerson Network Power’s experience, expertise and broad technology offerings, coupled with industry best practices, afford the intelligent, integrated design approach required by busy data center managers and design professionals. A portfolio of data center design scenarios specifies optimal configurations, including precision cooling, critical power and performance monitoring, and a host of local services and support ensures fast deployment and continued performance.


Emerson Network Power Trade Names

  • AccuGuide®

  • AccuVar®

  • Active Tracking®

  • Alber®

  • Challenger™

  • Challenger™

  • CommSure™

  • Datamate™

  • DataMate®

  • DataWave®

  • Deluxe System/3™

  • Efficiency Without Compromise®

  • Foundation®

  • Himod™

  • Intelecool®

  • Intelecool®

  • Interceptor®

  • Liqui-Tect®

  • Liqui-tect®

  • Mini-Mate 2™

  • Mini-Mate2™

  • Nform™

  • NPower™

  • NterpriseIP™

  • On-Site™

  • PanelGuard™

  • PowerSure®

  • SiteScan™

  • SiteScan®

  • SiteScan®

  • SmartSwitch™


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