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Product Overview

Expanko is best known for high quality cork flooring, also offers floating floor, recycled rubber and cork/rubber flooring, as well as other types of cork products. Expanko is dedicated to offering innovative, environmentally friendly products which are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain.
  • Traditional Cork Flooring
  • Fritz Tile (Flexible Terrazzo)
  • XCR (Cork Rubber Flooring)
  • Reztec (Recycled Rubber Flooring)

Cork Flooring: due to the increasing interest in using natural, renewable building products, cork is an accepted commercial flooring alternative. Cork flooring, is well suited for high traffic, commercial installations. It provides a resilient flooring surface with unparalleled durability, easy maintenance and environmental sensitivity. Many installations installed in the 1920s and 1930s are still in use and looking beautiful today, decades after they were initially installed.

The key to the durability of cork is its resilience. Because cork is resilient, it is resistant to excessive wear caused by foot traffic, since the material has the ability to "give" before damage occurs. Expanko further enhances their cork flooring with the application of a matte polyurethane finish. This finish holds up exceptionally well even in heavily used installations. Over time, the low level of maintenance required on a cork floor also becomes a substantial savings in cost.

FritzTile has low emissions, does not burn, lasts for the life of the project, contributes positively to a safe working environment and is a natural complement to the expansive offering of green products by Expanko.

All the benefits of using FritzTile blend with the basic business practices of Expanko— products thaa must provide a benefit to the living and working environment.

XCR4 Cork Rubber Flooring has been certified by FloorScore™ for emissions and compliance with LEED Credit EQ4.3. The certification, issued by FloorScore™, a leader in certifying independent environmental claims, verified the emissions of all patterns and colors in the XCR4 offering. Products certified by FloorScore™ ensure they meet stringent indoor air quality emissions requirements. The program, which is the most rigorous of its kind, was developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). FloorScore™ conforms to USGBC LEED criteria for EQ4.3, Collaborative for High Performance Special Environmental Requirements. Third party verification assures the ease and accuracy in the application for LEED credit for project certification.

Certification by FloorScore™ verifies that Expanko is working responsibly to supply products that promote a healthier indoor air quality and a safer work environment for workers and students.

Reztec recycled rubber flooring has been certified by SCS for recycled content. The certification, issued by Scientific Certification Services, a leader in certifying independent environmental claims, verified the recycled content of all patterns and colors in the standard Reztec offering. Products certified by SCS as containing recycled materials can help meet the criteria for LEED MR 4.1 and/or MR 4.2 as specified by the U. S. Green Building Council. Third party verification assures the ease and accuracy in the application for LEED certification.

The SCS Material Content Certification verifies that Expanko is working responsibly to accurately report recycled content and usage in their products manufactured for commercial and residential use. Recycled content usage saves energy, resources and alleviates pressure on landfill space.