Fall 2010 Product Spec Guide


Envelope Products

the lifearq from natucer, a tile of spain manufacturer, is a porcelain wall system. the collection is available in four formats: bamboo, ivy, scale, and channel. bamboo's narrow columns can be grouped together to create a sunshade. available in five colorsfrost, dark, crimson, yolk, and gemare sizes including 3-1/10" by 11-1/2" and 3-1/10" by 2-4/5". ivy (shown here) measures 2-1/5" by 7-1/10" and can be stacked using an internal steel support structure. scale, which is 13-4/5" by 3-9/10", is a siding with gently overlapping edges and is available in frost, lead, grizzly, and dark. channel, also a façade application, is available in 2-1/2" by 14-1/5", 3-1/2" by 14-1/5", and 4-1/2" by 14-1/5". spaintiles.info

Tile of Spain Natucer LifeArq

Porcelain wall system has several different configurations and uses.

the invent family of projected windows, available through advantage by wausau windows and wall systems, uses aluminum extrusions made exclusively from secondary billet that contain at least 70% recycled content. offered in fixed, project-in hopper, project-out awning, or casement versions with integral blinds with access doors available, the windows come in 2-1/2", 3-1/2", and 4-1/2" frame depths in the aama aw-100 architectural performance class. a polyamide thermal barrier allows for two-color framing. the windows are pre-engineered for faster delivery. wausauwindow.com

Advantage by Wausau Invent Windows

Made of aluminum extrusions made from secondary billet with at least 70 percent recycled content.

several municipalities have made full-height basement insulation mandatory. under these standards, basement walls are sandwiched between vapor barriers on the interior and waterproofing on the exterior, allowing moisture to build up. delta-footing barrier from cosella-d¶rken products creates a capillary break between footer and foundation that keeps groundwater from entering and accumulating in basement walls. able to accommodate the forming of keyways in the footer, the three-ply membrane consists of an antislip surface, an impermeable polyethylene barrier, and a polyester needle-punched fabric for maximum adhesion. cosella-dorken.com

Cosella-Dörken Proucts Delta-Footing Barrier

This membrane creates a capillary break between basement footer and foundation.

e-series windows, part of kalwall corp.s hurricane-resistant fenestration system, now allows the integration of clear vision glass with translucent panels to provide glare-free, controlled daylighting. the glazing, which is 5' wide and up to 3' high, also meets ada criteria because it requires less than 5 lbs. of force to open and close and has an open-loop handle that can be operated without rotation of ¨the hand. the windows are certified to tas 201, 202, and 203 as well as astm e1886 and e1996 in fixed and project-out sash models. kalwall.com

Kalwall E-Series Windows

Part of the company's hurricane-resistant fenestration system, the series now includes clear vision glass.

garland co.s stressply e environmental membrane combines sbs/sis modified bitumen technology, kevlar fibers, and polyester-fiberglass reinforcement. the strong cap sheets are made of recycled content (28% pre-consumer and 11% post-consumer), such as boiler slag and tires, and renewable resources, such as soy-based oils, bio-based resins, and crushed sea shells. a weathering membrane in a multi-ply system, stressply e offers tensile performance in excess of 500 lbs. per inch. the companys green-lock membrane adhesive enables voc- and odor-free application. garlandco.com

Garland Co. StressPly E Environmental Membrane

Made of bitumen technology, Kevlar fibers, and polyester/fiberglass reinforcement, the membrane is made of recycled content.

kolbe & kolbe millwork co.s windquest energy performance windows offer energy performance that is twice that of energy star criteria, with u-values of 0.18/0.19 and r-values of over r5, along with a solar heat-gain coefficient of 0.23. available in casement, awning, or studio versions, the windows feature a 1-1/4" triple-glazing system and allow a maximum air infiltration of only 0.01 cubic feet per minute. design options include grills in the airspace or performance-divided lites in several bar widths in either white or beige (the exterior may also be color coated with a polyurethane color finish). kolbe-kolbe.com

Kolbe Windquest EP Windows

Windows with energy performance twice that of Energy Star criteria.

the ventilated wall system from marazzi group is a porcelain stoneware cladding system designed to improve energy efficiency by up to one-third, provide better sound insulation, and remove excess radiant heat from a building while also preventing heat loss. offering significant cost savings over natural stone, the system comes in unlimited color and finish options. it is made up of three parts: an aluminum substructure grid that is secured by brackets to the buildings exterior wall; a thermal, waterproofed insulation layer that is attached to that; then an external cladding layer of large-format porcelain stoneware with open joints. marazzi.it/en

Marazzi Ventilated Wall System

Porcelain stoneware cladding system can improve energy efficiency by up to one-third.

Centria Smart-R Wall Solution

A line of metal wall products that combines high-performance cladding with panels, windows, louvers, and sunshades.

carlisle coatings & waterproofing has improved its ccw-500 hot-applied waterproofing membrane. the new formulation uses postindustrial renewable resources to improve flexibility and crack-bridging ability. it also contains 30% pre-consumer recycled content, requires less heat for application, stays workable longer for wider installation time frames, and resists flow once it has set. ccw-500 is a single-component, rubberized asphalt compound that, when set after application, forms a durable, yet flexible monolithic waterproofing membrane. it can be adhered to virtually any surface, vertical or horizontal. carlisle-ccw.com

Carlisle CCW500 Waterproofing Membrane

This new hot-applied waterproofing membrane contains 30 percent pre-consumer recycled content.

lightbasic, a line of translucent curtain walls from major industries, is an economical alternative and features a simplified framing system and fewer system options when compared to the companys guardian 275 translucent panel systems. made with acrylic-based acrylitcg, it offers glare-free light while resisting weather and fiberbloom. the line is suited for office spaces, schools, libraries, manufacturing centers, and other locations, and it works for both new construction and retrofits. majorskylights.com

Major Industries LightBasic

Translucent curtain wall with a simplified framing system.

part of ykk ap americas energfaçade family of products, the megatherm xt entrance and the ycu 750 tu unitized curtain wall are designed for commercial use. megatherm xt is an aluminium swing entrance that achieves u-value as low as 0.49 when used with standard low-e glazing. it is thermally broken by ykk aps low-conductive polymer strips, which separate exterior and interior metal. the ycu 750 tu is a dry-glazed, unitized curtain-wall system, which features a polyurethane barrier to minimize energy transfer. the system allows for rapid jobsite installation and can be assembled and glazed in the shop to increase quality and avoid weather delays. ykkap.com

YKK America enerGfaçade MegaTherm XT and YCU 750 TU

Entrance and curtain wall for commercial use.


Serious Materials Heavy Commercial Serious Windows

Energy-saving windows for commercial applications.

james hardie building products fiber cement hardietrim nt3 boards feature 12' lengths that reduce seams and speed up installation, back grooves that add flexural strength and reduce weight, and a concealed fastening system that reduces nail holes. the boards come in 3-1/2", 4-1/2", 5-1/2", 7-1/4", and 11-1/4" widths and eight colors: khaki brown, monterey, taupe, navajo beige, sail cloth, timber bark, cobble stone, and arctic white. made of portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber, select additives, and water, they contain no asbestos, glass fibers, or formaldehyde. jameshardie.com

James Hardie HardieTrim NT3 Boards

Fiber cement boards that contain no asbestos, glass fibers, or formaldehyde.

roxul has launched two new cavityrock products, both of which serve as continuous insulation in both cavity and rainscreen applications. cavityrock dd is manufactured using a proprietary dual-density technology and is offered in thicknesses of 2-1/2" or more. cavityrock md is a mono-density product that is available in 1", 1-1/2", and 2" thicknesses. roxul cavityrock is made from a combination of natural stone and recycled material, is fire resistant and water repellent, and has a low moisture absorption rate for repelling and draining water that penetrates the exterior wall. roxul.com

Roxul CavityRock DD and MD

Two new additions to the CavityRock line serve as continuous insulation for cavity and rainscreen applications.


Kawneer Co. Trifab 451UT

Framing system for commercial façades increases thermal performance.