Fall 2010 Product Spec Guide


Lighting Products

tonic pendants from cp lighting are made of two pieces of post-consumer acrylic that are heated and molded by handwithout any forms or toolingensuring that no two fixtures are alike. the pendant lamps come in 30 standard colors and color matching is available. they measure approximately 14" to 21" high by 8" to 12" in diameter and are lamped with either a 100w incandescent or a gu24 cfl. tonic pendants are made with the same recycled acrylic that cp lighting uses in its popsicle pendant series. cplighting.com

CP Lighting Tonic Pendants

Heated and molded by hand, no two of these fixtures are alike.

the 304 series from betaled, a division of ruud lighting, is the companys first luminaire series to achieve performance of more than 100 lumens per watt, saving as much as 70% in energy use. the 304 series is scalable up to 12,000 lumens of delivered light output and features a two-level dimming option. the fixtures are available for recessed canopy and soffit applications with petroleum symmetric options and can be installed in single- or double-skin open-air petroleum station canopies and building soffits such as banks or quick-serve restaurants. betaled.com

BetaLED 304 Series

An LED luminaire that achieves 100 lumens per watt, saving up to 70 percent of energy use.

new led 32 luminaires from winscape, a division of winona lighting, deliver an output that matches a 50w par halogen lamp, while using only 15w. led 32 consists of nine high-output leds with an integral 12v ac driver with both warm-white (3,000 k) and cool-white (5,000 k) color temperatures. three beam spreads are available (10, 25, and 40 degrees), each dimmable with a standard low-voltage magnetic dimmer. the integral 12v ac transformer is designed for 120v or 277v installations. the luminaire can be used in three applications: flood and accent, ingrade, and architectural. winonalighting.com/winscape

Winscape LED 32

From Winona Lighting, this light matches the output of a 50W PAR halogen lamp.

nora lightings pillar saves up to 75% in energy costs over incandescent lighting. the 15w led track fixture has a slim vertical driver housing. because it produces no projected heat, uv rays, or infrared rays, it is suited for merchandise displays, jewelry counters, art galleries, and produce markets. available in 15-degree spot or 30-degree flood beam spreads in 3,000 k and 4,200 k, it is rated at 30,000 hours of performances and measures 5-1/4" long by 6-3/8" wide by 3-5/8" in diameter. the luminaire is constructed of die-cast aluminum and comes in black, white, or silver. noralighting.com

Nora Lighting Pillar

This 15W LED track fixture saves up to 75 percent over incandescent lighting.

eco-downlight led k/at adjustable lamp from creative systems lighting allows light to be focused or positioned to create different moods or highlights. the 50w-equivalent lamp uses only 16w, saving 34w of power. the ic/at adjustable fixture features an integral proprietary led driver that is 90% efficient; an adjustable heat sink made of die-cast aluminum; electronic low voltage dimmer; and a 50,000-hour life rating at 70% lumen maintance. the recessed fixture reduces power consumption and overheating potential. csllighting.com

Creative Systems Lighting Eco-Downlight LED K/AT Adjustable Lamp

This lamp allows light to be focused to create different moods.

the lighting quotients first led architectural lighting fixture is made with the companys fraqtir optical technology and achieves a warm wash of white light in an asymmetric pattern with the help of philips lumileds luxeon rebel emitters. the luminaire has an impact-resistant acrylic cover lens and extruded aluminum heat-sink housing, which can be interlocked together in continuous rows to aim as one. the heat-sink also conducts heat away from the removable light engine assembly, allowing the fixtures to avoid overheating in tight spaces. aiming is adjustable and lockable. high-efficiency drivers can be remotely mounted or integral to the luminaire, and dimming is optional. thelightingquotient.com

The Lighting Quotient LED Architectural Lighting Fixture

This luminaire has an acrylic cover lens that can be interlocked in continuous rows.

usais beveled, a recessed, adjustable downlight, is the newest addition to the companys bevel family of products. beveled features interchangeable lenses that allow for beam-spread adjustment based on a spaces lighting needs, die-cast aluminum trims available in a variety of finishes (including trimless, round, and square), and high-efficiency 10w and 20w 3,000 k tightly binned led light engines that are field replaceable. the luminaire recently won the 2009 next generation luminaires award, which is sponsored by the u.s. department of energy in partnership with the illuminating engineering society of north america and the international association of lighting designers. usaillumination.com


This recessed, adjustable downlight is the newest addition to USAI's Bevel family of lighting fixtures.

rtled, a volumetric recessed luminaire from lithonia lighting, delivers ambient white light throughout a space while reducing energy and maintenance costs. with a 50,000-hour system life, rtled has a color rendering of 80 cri, 3,500 k color temperature, and full-range dimming with zero-to-10v dc control. it also tracks its own operating hours, and a visual indicator turns on when it has reached the end of its life. only 3-1/8" deep, the luminaire is designed for commercial interior spaces. lithonia.com

Lithonia Lighting RTLED

A recessed LED luminaire that delivers ambient white light.

the led halfpipe sconce from boyd lighting is inspired by the french art deco movement. the 22" tall sconce is manufactured by radius cutting a cylinder to create a scallop shape, in which led lamps wash light up and down a wall. additional led lamps are installed in the backplate. halfpipes led lamps have 45 lumens-per-watt efficiency, a 70,000-hour life, a 3,100 k color temperature, and consume 9.6w of energy. the luminaire comes in multiple finishes, including white on white and black and white with an optional white or yellow gold leaf. the sconce can be mounted vertically or horizontally. boydlighting.com

Boyd Lighting LED Halfpipe Sconce

Inspired by the French Art Deco movement, this LED light has a scallop shape.

the led light show ceiling light from lamps plus possini euro design allows users to create their own lighting display via a handheld remote control. multicolored led bulbs in the fixture can be illuminated statically or made to cycle through color-changing sequences. a frame of white leds along the perimeter of the fixture provides a lower level of accent lighting, and four clear halogen bulbs in clear acrylic cubes give off general room illumination. the halogens and leds can be illuminated at the same time. the fixture comes with a chrome backplate and glass rod accents. lampsplus.com

LampsPlus LED Light Show

Users of this light can create their own display using a handheld remote control.

cooper lightings lumière boca 696 ingrade led luminaire features heat-sink technology that allows its leds to rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to plus or minus 22.5 degrees in each direction while maintaining a solid path to conduct heat away from the led. lamped with 12w leds, the luminaire has reduced glare and is suitable for use in pedestrian areas, both inside and out. it is available with an integral transformer or can be used with a remote transformer. three color temperatures and three beam spreads are available. cooperlighting.com

Cooper Lighting Lumiere Boca 696 Ingrade LED

This luminaire can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 22.5 degrees.

designed for high-performance accent lighting, intense lightings mb-led track luminaire is designed for applications such as retail, restaurants, hospitality, or galleries. capable of delivering up to 51 lumens per watt, the mb-led is available with two lumen packages, 650 lumens or 900 lumens. the luminaire features high-quality uniform illumination without pixilation and optimal glare control. three optical distributions are available including 24-degree narrow flood, 32-degree flood, and 50-degree wide flood. the fixture is available in satin silver, satin black, semigloss white, and custom powder coat. intenselighting.com

Intense Lighting MB-LED

An LED light for retail, restaurants, hospitality, and galleries.

the winline linear led series from winona lighting is offered in three versions: surface linear, cove, and submersible, and are suitable for the grazing of interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and other planes. ranging in lengths from 12" to 48", the lights come in five standard ansi-binned color temperatures: 2,700 k, 3,000 k, 3,500 k, 4,000 k, and 5,000 k. used with remote-mounted 24v ac magnetic transformers, the luminaires can be dimmed with low-voltage magnetic dimming equipment that is commonly available. winonalighting.com

Winona Lighting Winline Linear LED Series

This line comes in three versions and is suitable for interior and exterior lighting.

the curve by finelite is a portable led desk lamp that achieves efficacy of nearly 50 lumens per watt. the luminaire features quicktouch dimming to 5 percent and a field-replaceable led module. it comes in a silver finish with 188 ral colors available upon request. the curve is manufactured with a high-performance cree xp-e led package and takes 8w of power. its light output is 363 lumens, and it is backed by lm-79 testing, lm-80 data, and a five-year warranty. reclaimed steel perforations are used to weight the base. finelite.com

Finelite Curve

A portable LED desk lamp producing nearly 50 lumens per watt.

qnurus vector line of led retrofit light bulbs are now available for use in luminaires directly powered by a 480v-to-277v step-down buck transformer, allowing specifiers to avoid the extra cost and inconvenience of installing pole- or ground-mounted step-down transformers at their service entrance. the vector family of led light bulbs fits all major commercial and industrial light fixtures and offers an average investment payback in 10 to 30 months, according to the company. qnuru.com

Qnuru Vector LED Retrofit Bulb

Allows specifiers to avoid the extra cost of installing step-down transformers at their service entrance.

crestron electronics glpac-dimflv integrated lighting system is a stand-alone lighting controller suited for classrooms, conference rooms, and offices. it can also be tied into a centralized crestron system for facilitywide control and monitoring. glpac controls four to eight channels of dimmable or switched fluorescent loads, and each unit can control a single room or up to four independent rooms with optional real-time power consumption. the system features built-in support for occupancy sensors, photocells, and shade control, and can automatically shut off lights and hvac in unoccupied areas. crestron.com

Crestron Electronics GLPAC-DIMFLV Integrated Lighting System

A stand-alone lighting controller for classrooms, conference rooms, and offices.