Fall 2010 Product Spec Guide


System Products

the macrovoltaic fan from macroair technologies is a solar-powered high-volume low-speed (hvls) industrial fan. hvls fans generate a column of air that flows down to the ground and outward 360 degrees, allowing air to mix and circulate more efficiently and generate less noise and dust than other industrial fans, according to the company. because macroair fans use only 400w of power, they are suitable for smaller, less-expensive solar panels. macrovoltaics panels have a 20-year warranty, and are rated for full sunlight. the system also includes a standard remote control, an optional auxiliary power supply, and an optional battery backup. macro-air.com

MacroAir Technologies MacroVoltaic Fan

Solar-powered, high-volume, low-speed industrial fan.

crestron electronics viridian software helps corporations, schools, and builders reduce energy consumption and meet global carbon reduction targets. it enables control, management, and monitoring of an organizations environmental systems in every room of each building through one interface. viridian allows facility managers to adjust, activate, or create everyday system scheduling tasks for lighting scenes, thermostats, shades, and a/v equipment in boardrooms, as well as monitor utility meters, occupancy status, co2 levels, appliances and devices via a touchpanel or web browser. crestron.com

Crestron Viridian

Software to help builders reduce energy consumption and meet carbon emissions targets.

intelasun dynamic daylighting and shading system by cpi daylighting provides all-in-one glare and shade control and is built with the companys nano-cell honeycomb and solablade technology, providing automatic or manual operation in both small and large glazed areas. in addition to energy savings and increased user comfort, the skylight offers low maintenance and competitive pricing and contributes toward leed points. applications include schools and universities, sports facilities, and churches. it provides glare and shade control from sunup to sundown without blinds, shades, or curtains. cpidaylighting.com

CPI IntelaSun Dynamic Daylighting and Shading Systems

All-in-one glare and shading control built with Nano-Cell honeycomb and Solablade technology.

itt has added e-sv to its goulds pumps line of stainless steel, vertical multistage pumps. the e-sv features a new hydraulic design and a more efficient motor that lower life cycle costs and increase energy savings. when combined with itts hydrovar controller, e-sv offers an additional 10% savings potential from the previous generation pump. the hydraulic design results in lower net positive suction head required (npshr), reducing piping and elevation expenses by over 20%. applications include water supply and pressure boosting, water treatment, light industry, irrigation and farming, and hvac. goulds.com

ITT e-SV Pump

A new addition to ITT's Goulds Pumps line of stainless steel, vertical multistage pumps.


Leviton LevNet RF

New wireless management devices with EnOcean technology.

elastilon by supra floors is a nontoxic and emissions-free membrane with ergonomic, thermal, and acoustic properties that allow for stick-and-peel installation of 5/16" to 1" solid hardwood. this reduces installation time by 50% to 70%, according to the company. elastilon can be used in any residential or commercial flooring application and allows hardwood to be installed on above- or below-grade concrete, which eliminates the need for subfloor construction, nails, or glue. elastilon creates a floating floor that can be walked on immediately and affords easier access to the floor beneath than hardwood installed the conventional way. suprafloors.com

Supra Floors Elastilon

A nontoxic and emissions-free membrane allows for stick-and-peel installation of hardwood.

johnson controls has extended its line of fan-coil units with model fw, a vertical floor-mounted unit. available in sizes from 200 to 1,200 cubic feet per minute and consuming 30% to 50% less energy than competitive units of the same capacity, the new model complies with ahri standard 440. cabinet heights and widths can be specified in 1" increments up to 12" to accommodate existing architectural features, and fw is available in concealed, exposed, or sloped-top configurations. the units sloped drain pan improves indoor environmental quality by getting rid of standing water. a programmable thermostat is optional. johnsoncontrols.com

Johnson Controls Model FW

Vertical floor-mounted fan-coil unit.

the hi-lume 3d fluorescent dimming ballast family from lutron electronics now includes products that control t5-ho linear and t5 twin-tube lamps. the new ballasts are compatible with the companys three-wire fluorescent controls and ecosystem digital components, including the grafik eye qs and quantum control options. the hi-lume 3d series is now available in multiple configurations for t8 and u-bent, t5 linear, t5-ho linear, and t5 twin-tube lamps. all offer continuous flicker-free dimming from 100% to 5% measured relative light output, with many of the dimming to 0.7% light output. they are suited for commercial new and retrofit applications. lutron.com

Lutron Electronics Hi-lume 3D Fluorescent Dimming Ballast

Compatible with the company's three-wire fluorescent controls and EcoSystem digital components.


Linetec TRINAR Aqua Air Dry System Coating

An environmentally responsible coating system for aluminum product finishes.

the model ahq-t16 electric tankless water heater from american hometec is designed for midrange hot-water demands, such as the average-sized bathroom, and can be used to heat a shower and sink simultaneously. intended to be installed at point of use in plain view, the unit features a brushed-chrome frame and a blue led temperature-control panel. the unit features the companys coilless technology, which heats water indirectly through heat transfer, allowing electric components to never come in contact with the water being heated thereby increasing the longevity of the unit. americanhometec.com

American Hometec Model AHQ-T 16

Electric tankless water heater designed for midrange hot-water needs.

humanair personal zone air purifier from humanscale is designed for contract interior and hospitality applications. it uses clean air zone technology to purify air around an individual, removing 99% of airborne toxins and contaminants. it incorporates disposable electrostatic precipitation technolgy, which uses a tightly coiled paper filter that can be vacuumed and reused. the purifier uses 22w of power, operates in near silence, creates minimal draft, produces no ozone, and comes in black, white, and metallic red. humanscale.com

Humanscale Personal Zone Air Purifier

An air purifier designed for contract interior and hospitality applications.

bluebeam software has upgraded its pdf revu 8.5 software to help architecture firms go paperless, allowing users to review and share pdf drawings, create field reports, respond to rfis, and complete punchlists electronically. now, it enables online collaboration via its new studio functionality, which lets architects upload pdfs and then collaborate with project partners anywhere in the world. they can use bluebeams redlining tools such as clouds, callouts, cad symbols, and measurements to post markups to the same pdf while using a chat feature. every chat message is tracked in the record. bluebeam.com

Bluebeam PDF Revu 8.5

Software to help architecture firms go paperless.


MechoShade Systems EcoVeil

A PVC-free antimicrobial shade cloth that can be recycled.