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Product Overview

Capable of supplying nearly instant and endless hot water, Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters by Grand Hall USA incorporate both traditional and tankless water heater design features.

Product Description, Applications

Combining both tank and tankless technologies, the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater operates according to counter flow design principles. Cold water enters from the bottom up rather than from the top down, which serves to self-clean sedimentation build-up. Through use of an innovative 3-cycle process, water is then heated at a consistent temperature and pressure via 44 radiating transfer pipes. This process maximizes energy transfer and ensures the delivery of virtually endless hot water.

Activated by flow or thermostat sensing, the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater has all stainless steel construction and includes a small, built-in reservoir tank. Versatile and compact, the design allows for indoor, outdoor, natural gas or propane, wall mount or floor mount installations all with the same unit.

Models are available for residential, light commercial and heavy commercial applications. A variety of accessory kits are also available, including those for venting, remote control operation and condensate neutralization.

Features, Benefits:

  • Guaranteed to deliver hot water even with low-flow fixtures
  • No start-up lag
  • 98%+ efficient and ENERGY STAR listed for LEED® compliance
  • Meets NSF Standards for health and cleanliness
  • Federal tax credits available for qualified models; may be eligible for U.S. State/Territory tax programs and ENERGY STAR rebates
  • 20 year residential and 10 year commercial heat exchanger warranty