Interior Products

Products: Architect-Designed Hardware

Architects considering product design have long looked to hardware as a starting point. These knobs and levers employ the formal and material signatures of their creators’ work.

Six Knobs and Pulls to Deck Out Doors and Cabinets

These eye-catching hardware pieces can dress up modest millwork.

Eight Rad Rugs for Chic Interiors

These eye-catching floor coverings update time-tested designs and materials with vibrant colors and patterns.

Six Modular Furnishings for Collaborative Classrooms

From auditoriums to classrooms, these furnishings create re-configurable learning environments.

Five Material Mashups to Remix Spaces

Glass, wood, metal, and electronics contribute their individual strengths to unexpected material pairings in this collection of multifaceted finishes and furnishings.

Six Home Bath Products for Clean Design

A roundup of indoor and outdoor bathroom products for kids, older adults, and everyone in between.

Seven Products for High-Traffic Kitchens

Kitchens are for more than cooking, as is evidenced by the increasing functionality of this central space.

Six Design Elements and Finishes We Dig

This week: the furniture, surfaces, and lighting that got the ARCHITECT staff talking.

Five Fresh Forms to Finish a Space

From rustic to retro, these seats, surfaces, and luminaires are made for show.

This Seating System Wants to Make Your Layover Less Miserable

Integrated power outlets, a tablet-size arm, and more room for baggage create a seating system worthy of weary travelers.

Tadao Ando Takes on Wood Construction in his Dream Chair

A master with reinforced concrete, the renowned Japanese architect pairs with Carl Hansen & Søn to craft an innovative wood seat.

Six Chairs for Smart Contemporary Seating

From lightweight to ergonomic to resilient, this lineup offers stylish and functional seating for applications of all sizes.



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