Interior Products

  • Extreme Texture Coat, CertainTeed

    This acrylic-based finish endures a beating without a scratch.

  • Kinon, Kinon

    No two panels look the same when it comes to this proprietary hand-cast and hand-applied resin.

  • Array, Poltrona Frau Contract

    Designed by Zaha Hadid, this auditorium seating collection takes a cue from the symmetry and order of digital matrices.

  • Alta, Blanco

    This water-saving faucet is a style standout.

  • Image

    Chic Collection, Bendheim

    Architects have many design options with this line of architectural safety glass.

  • Image

    Airblade Tap, Dyson

    The dryer allows you to wash and dry your hands without moving away from the sink.

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    Pharaoh, Lightyears

    The pendant luminaire complements the curvaceous form of the Plumen lamp.

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    Stratum, Richlite

    What do you get when you sandwich bamboo plywood between two sheets of recycled-paper surfacing? A countertop.

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    Wave, Merganzer Furniture & Design

    Wood can do much more than become a flat board.

  • Allround, Stylex

    Danish firm Iskos-Berlin set out to design a quiet object that wouldn't compete with its surroundings.



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