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Product Overview

Designed for use in flat roof applications and as the drainage medium for green roof gardens, KBI Flexi®-Roof is composed of aggregate rock, a proprietary urethane binder and thousands of 3/8" rubber granules made from recycled steel belted radial (SBR) tires. The binding agent penetrates to deliver an immense grip while the rubber granules offer flexibility. In addition, KBI Flexi-Roof weighs approximately 45 lb/psf, mitigating the need for roof ballast. And, because Flexi-Roof is not mechanically affixed to a roof’s waterproof membrane, it will not affect the membrane warranty.

Non-toxic and resistant to substances including chlorine, ozone, bromine, muriatic acid, salt water and oil, KBI Flexi-Roof is can be installed over a variety of materials, including concrete, compacted aggregate and waterproof membrane materials. In addition, freeze-thaw conditions do not interfere with the mechanical strength of Flexi-Roof due to the elastic properties of the urethane and the compression capabilities of the rubber. Finally, the product’s “open-pore” properties enable rapid evacuation of water through its thickness.

Features, Benefits:

  • Ideal for use as the drainage medium in green roof applications
  • Provides 10-degree insulation in summer and nominal heat insulation in winter
  • Available in light colors for cool roof applications
  • Helps prevent roof membrane punctures caused by hail and ice
  • Enables ease of roof maintenance by allowing total lateral use of the roof
  • Helps stop roof ballast migration during storm events
  • Elastic properties prevent product from cracking
  • Non-flammable; tested in accordance with the Federal Hazardous Substance Act (16 CFR 1500.44)
  • Diverts and recycles tires that would otherwise end up as hazardous material in landfills