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Product Overview

Key Resin company is a leading manufacturer of terrazzo flooring products, offering a variety of innovative solutions to protect and enhance concrete flooring.

Product Description, Applications

Key Resin Company offers a complete line of resinous terrazzo flooring systems, designed to combine durability and a decorative marble appearance with chemical resistance, low maintenance and high performance.


Key Odyssey flooring is a trowel-applied combination of colored epoxy resin and special decorative aggregates. Its unique granite appearance and outstanding durability make it ideal for areas requiring a monolithic, heavy-duty surface, including chemical plants, hospitals, schools, arenas and health care facilities.


Key Epoxy Terrazzo-HT is a trowel-applied, 100% solids epoxy terrazzo matrix mixed with decorative aggregates. It combines the durability of epoxy terrazzo with outstanding chemical and temperature resistance and is ideal for applications, including bakeries and pharmaceutical plants, subject to heavy industrial wear and chemical attack.


This decorative thin set terrazzo system helps regulate moisture vapor transmission. With both decorative appearance and durability, Key Epocon can exhibit up to 100 times the permeability of standard epoxy terrazzo and exceeds the performance of polyacrylate terrazzo. It is ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional applications requiring an easy to clean, sanitary and joint free surface.


Key Polymeric Terrazzo is a decorative thin set terrazzo that combines a water-phased, polymeric resin system with decorative aggregates. It is ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional applications requiring a cost-effective terrazzo flooring.


This highly decorative 100% solids flooring system is a 2-component combination of epoxy resin and decorative aggregates ideal for applications requiring a monolithic, heavy-duty floor. It is available in conductive and novolac formulas.