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Product Overview

Over the last 40 years, Labscape has developed a comprehensive and diverse product line of laboratory solutions for educational, industrial, institutional and commercial projects. Labscape offers casework, cabinets, fume hoods and fixtures to fit every laboratory application and price-point. Take a closer look at Labscape’s laboratory solutions here.

Metal Casework

When durability is a priority, Labscape’s sturdy steel, stainless steel, and lead-lined casework is the ultimate solution. It’s ideal for the demanding lab work performed in heavy use areas such as industrial labs and research and development institutions. Resistant to corrosive elements, our metal casework can withstand frequent cleaning and topical contaminants—providing an excellent return on investment and decades of reliable, resilient use. Labscape shears, notches, punches, and carefully forms each and every component for precise assembly. Available in a wide variety of colors and options, Labscape offers a complete range of steel products designed for your specific needs.

Plastic Laminate Casework

Labscape’s new generation of laminate technology is setting the industry standard and is engineered to withstand corrosive elements and extreme working conditions. Extremely flexible, durable, and affordable, our high-quality plastic laminate casework (including polypropylene and phenolic resin) offers superior and adaptable designs that integrate seamlessly into any lab setting. Our mobile cabinets and carts enable easy relocation so you can always bring your lab work with you. Our virtually limitless array of colors and patterns are designed to blend into or accent any laboratory décor.

Wood Casework

Labscape’s classic wood casework adds warmth and style to any lab—transforming even the most sterile workspaces into a traditional and timeless research setting. Our tight hard grain woods, such as maple and oak, are of the highest quality and are constructed with a craftsman’s attention to detail. Along with our fine countertops and fixtures, Labscape’s vintage wood casework has become a standard in university, college, and high school settings. With its proven durability, it’s also a perfect choice for industrial and medical research laboratories. Handcrafted and built to endure decades of continuous use, Labscape’s wood casework accommodates virtually all storage requirements and creates a clean, redefined appearance.

Fume Hoods

Labscape manufacturing flexibility allows us to offer a full line of standard fume hood designs (air foil, thin wall, demonstration, walk-in, etc.) along with the ability to customize each hood to meet your lab’s specific lab requirements. We can manufacture air foils with unique widths and walk-in hoods with special interior heights. Contact our fume hood specialists to learn more about selecting the correct fume hood for your lab space.

Laboratory Benches

Labscape’s laboratory benches are designed for the needs of R&D, healthcare, and many other laboratory environments. Each lab bench allows the ability to create a unique workstation with upper shelves and/or cabinets, utility chases, date/electrical options and accessories like monitors and browser bins. We offer standard depth options of 24”, 30”, 33” and 36” and will customize lab bench to meet your specific lab space requirements.


Labscape’s countertops are a great choice for high school science classrooms, industrial laboratory settings, medical/healthcare facilities, food testing labs, quality control labs and many more applications. Our standard product offerings include epoxy resin, phenolic resin, plastic laminate, stainless steel and custom wood tops.